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Four Reasons to Know More About Rotary E-Clubs


Four reasons why learning more about Rotary e-clubs will benefit Rotary and local Rotarians in your area

Want to help rethink Rotary? Here’s four reasons why you should learn more about e-clubs!

Recently, I was invited by the Rotary e-club committee to talk about Rethink Rotary and how that relates to e-clubs. At the end of the meeting I was asked, “When you were founding a club why did you not consider an e-club?”. My response was brief and honest. I simply did not know it was possible.

I’m not going to advocate that e-clubs are for everyone but they are a way of doing Rotary, that non Rotary e-clubs shouldn’t ignore. So here are four reasons why every Rotarian should learn more about e-clubs:

  1. A new way to experience Rotary meetings

    Forget the meal, forget trying to park at the meeting location, you just need an electronic device to join an online meeting wherever in the world you happen to be. Honestly, for my meeting with the e-club committee which was 5am my time I woke up, made a cup of tea and was ready. Even though I was technically still in my pjs (but that’s between you and me), I was present and ready to do Rotary. This is the beauty of offering a flexible online meeting, you are limiting the number of hoops I have to jump through in order to be active in Rotary. Why not give it a go at one of your meetings?

  2. Makeup meetings like you’ve never seen

    On holiday? Sick? Travelling? Do not fear, e-clubs are here. Most e-clubs will have an online system in place for any Rotarian to complete a makeup and get an electronic confirmation that the make up was completed. Check out Rotary E-Club One’s online makeup section. We can’t always attend a Rotary meeting in person, having the flexibility to maintain your involvement online can’t be ignored. Moving forward, Rotary has to be as flexible as possible.

  3. Travel the world from the comfort of your home

    I personally love to travel, experience new cultures and discover what Rotary clubs all over the world are doing. One of the best things about e-clubs is that you can be part of a club from anywhere in the world, attend a meeting or do a makeup and get to them, their passions and what projects. Dream of Hawaii? Check out the Rotary E-Club of Hawaii. I had the pleasure of meeting President Laine Kohama at the Young Professionals Conference in San Francisco last year. A passionate Rotarian who is leading the way with his Rotary E-club. What a fantastic way to bring the world Rotary world to you. I feel sometimes we get caught up in our own Rotary bubble that we need to open it up to Rotary happening all over this planet, in different shapes and forms but under the same banner of service above self.

  4. Easier than ever to find time

    One big thing that holds people back is being able to attend the meeting whether it is a breakfast, lunch or dinner meeting. It could be ‘oh I don’t finish work in time to attend’ or ‘I really can’t take the time off work for a long lunch’. These are common reasons why potential members to Rotary walk away. Why not offer an eclub as an option for this potential member? Let’s remember we are all in this for Rotary, if we can encourage a potential member of Rotary to join any club then we should be. Rotary should work to fit into your life not the other way round. If a potential member is too busy to make a non e-club Rotary meeting, then consider recommending an e-club!

Rotary offering the e-club option is groundbreaking and forward thinking. We as Rotarians should be supporting this initiative as much as we can. I encourage everyone one reading this post, to go talk to your club members about e-clubs, maybe do a presentation and spread the word. What do you think, share your views, experiences and opinions below!