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Guide To Personalising Your Rotary Logo


Do you want a personalised Rotary club logo?

I was approached by my District to put together a guide to creating a personalised Rotary logo for Rotary clubs. In the last few years, Rotary made a conscious decision to switch from the blue/gold legacy Rotary logo to one which explicitly had the Rotary name alongside the Rotary wheel. While the legacy logo did say ‘Rotary International’ inside the wheel, feedback suggested that this was hard to read. In turn, this meant that Rotary’s involvement in projects might not be getting they attention they deserved.

If your Rotary club is still using the blue/gold legacy logo on promotional material, you should start switching to using the new Rotary logo. You now also have the opportunity to personalise your club’s Rotary logo using Rotary’s handy online tool. It is really easy to create and will enhance all your club’s promotional material.

Follow these steps to get your own personalised Rotary logo

1.Sign into

2. Go to News & Media and then click Brand Center

news___media___my_rotary3. Once you are on the Brand Center page, scroll down the page and click on the learn more button in the logos section


4. Click the view button in the template sections


5. In the template screen, add your club’s name in the spaces provided and remove any additional text not needed


6. As you make your changes, the image will change to match the text you are adding. Then when you are happy click save


7. Give your file an appropriate and descriptive name and click the ok button


8. The next screen will give you the option of downloading your new image as a pdf, jpeg or png (the png file will be transparent which means it will have no background so will fit on coloured backgrounds with no white parts). Just click download and follow any instructions that appear. The file will then automatically download to your computer.

9. Voila! Now you have a beautiful new themed Rotary logo with your club name that you can use in all future club promotional material. For the Brits out there in true Blue Peter style, here’s one I made earlier!


Spread the word about personalising your Rotary logo

Having the right Rotary logo for your club is essential. So if your club or another Rotary club is struggling to get the right personalised Rotary logo, please share with them this handy and easy to use guide. If you have any questions, just send me a message and I’ll do my best to answer them.