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Increase Your Rotary Facebook Audience with One Simple Rule


Struggling to know what to post on your Rotary Facebook page? Follow this one simple rule to help guide your online content

Struggling to engage with people on your Rotary club’s Facebook page? Let’s be honest it’s hard work. The fact that many companies, and some clubs, pay for professionals is all the proof you need. I do this in my line of work for many clients. It is both an art and science to cultivate good content to post. Not only do you have to write a good post, you have to know things like the statistically optimal times to share your messages. I know, most Rotary clubs can’t afford to employ a social media expert. So I wanted to share an invaluable piece of advice when posting on any social media platform: the 80/20 rule.

You have events you want to promote and Facebook seems like a great way to spread the word….Yes and no. Social media is a platform for people to chat and share information that means something to them, not necessarily the place they want to be sold on events. This means that you should try and keep promotional posts to 20%. The other 80% should be entertaining and contain non-promotional information. There’s a reason why big companies with successful social media follow this rule-of-thumb. If you don’t, people will tune you out and your audience will suffer. Go check out Coca-Cola’s twitter – while they’re always on message, most of the content is entertainment and only a small fraction is trying to sell you something.

Now, don’t just post anything to meet your 80% quota. Consider for a moment that you are a business selling Rotary. Your clients (the people who have liked your Facebook page) want to consume all Rotary related information. So educate them, entertain them and share any advice you have with them about Rotary. These posts are the ones which will increase your impressions and shares. Make it fun and accessible. Strive for a conversational tone. When you’re writing on social media you’re writing for the public. Be careful about having content that only your members will understand, because that way you’ll be turning your back on one of the fastest growing ways to attract out to new members.

Make sure you don’t neglect the remaining 20% though! These types of posts are where you boast about achievements, share events and ask for help at fundraisers. Sell your club, sell your successes, sell your goals. You have to share this type of information to impact your club and make a difference. In the industry, it is called making a conversion. A conversion is when you encourage your audience towards some goal, like RSVPing to an event or sending your club a message.

Like everything else in life, the path to a successful social media campaign is through planning. Have a objectives, plans to get there, and metrics for success. Grow your audience first. The 80/20 rule, in conjunction with my advice about scheduling Facebook posts , put your club well on the way to having a thriving social media presence.

I’d love to hear your opinions and experiences with posting on Facebook, comment on the post or email me If your club or district is interested in social media training, get in touch!