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Rotary Clubs on Facebook – One Easy Trick To Save Time


Learn how to save time and build up your Rotary club’s Facebook engagement through one easy trick. It’s really going to save your life!

Do you love watching your Facebook engagement grow, but have trouble reminding yourself to continually post? Well, I know a way to reduce the amount of time Facebook takes up, AND makes your Facebook page look more professional, active, and attractive. Three simple words: schedule your posts.

A lot of Rotary clubs who are struggling with carving out an online presence are asked: ‘Are you on Facebook, you should be!’. Well, yes they should be but only if they understand the importance of being active on Facebook. I have seen too many Rotary clubs on Facebook that don’t post regularly, upload any photos or engage with any followers. An inactive Facebook page can in some cases harm you more than no Facebook page at all. If a potential new member sees an inactive Facebook page it indicates you either have nothing to say or don’t care about Facebook. Using scheduling is one easy technique that can make your life easier and fill your Facebook page with high quality posts. This trick is available for free, right on Facebook.

When you post on Facebook posts matters. There are good/bad days and best/worst times for posts and the engagement you receive on your post depends on these factors. While there is lot of material out there on when to post for most engagement, ultimately you have to play around with your particular audience to find your optimum times. Scheduling allows you to do this. Each week, change the time you post on each day to see which gets more engagement and at the end of the month review your stats. You can then use this information to plan for the next month’s posts.

The biggest reason, I schedule my Facebook page posts is to save myself time. I am a busy person, I usually don’t have time to stop at 6pm on a Wednesday night, look for content to post and ensure it’s posted at the best time, i.e not at 11pm. Scheduling allows me to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday night, searching for quality content, checking holidays/birthdays, popular hashtags and creating content to post throughout the week. Then I can sit back for the rest of week, knowing that my Facebook page is active and people are hopefully engaging! This doesn’t mean I won’t go in and post something on the fly sometimes cause I do. The point is my base level number of posts are getting posted and I have the week free to imagine new content for the coming week.

So how do you schedule posts? I have put together a handy guide:

#1. Post like you would normally on your Facebook page and write your post. However, when you are done instead of clicking publish, you should click schedule

#2. A date and time option will pop up. You simply need to pick the day and time you want to post this content. Then click schedule.

#3. Don’t worry you can still edit the content and times. You will see a box showing your scheduled posts. Click on ‘see posts’ to edit.

#4. Here’s the scheduled posts screen, where you can click on the post you want to change.

#5. A pop up will appear which will allow you to edit, reschedule your post or simply just publish the post.

That’s it! I guarantee you this will save you time and streamline your online presence on Facebook. Don’t forget to sign up to my mailing list for latest posts or let me know about your experiences with Facebook scheduling. If your club needs guidance on Facebook, I offer numerous training sessions to help you on the right path of engagement!