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6 states, 14 cities,  2 weeks, 1000s of volunteers, 5 people in an RV and one thing that ties everyone together: Rotary! The Rotary Connecting For Good tour is about to get on the road. When asked in late January if I wanted to be part of this good will tour, I didn’t ask questions. I just said:


Only after agreeing to take part, did I start asking questions about what would actually be involved. Read on to discover more about the Rotary Connecting For Good tour and why it is showcasing the future of Rotary.

Connecting For Good In A Nutshell

rotary-connecting-for-good-tour-rethink-rotaryThe Connecting For Good tour is a Rotary Zones 25/26 initiative lead by Zones 25/26 Director Brad Howard and Zones 25/26 Young Professional Program Chair Danielle Lallement. It was inspired by the amazing Rollin With Rotary tour. The Rotary Connecting For Good tour aims to engage Rotary Young Professionals and push the boundaries of people’s understanding of Rotary. It will be the biggest Rotary goodwill road trip to hit the west coast.

The Rotary Connecting For Good tour will kick off in Honolulu on 28th October. Then from Seattle, myself and 4 other Rotarians/Rotaractors will drive an RV for the rest of the trip. We will be visiting Seattle, Portland, Eugene, Sacramento, San Francisco, Oakland, Fresno, Bakersfield, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego and Los Angeles. Finally, on 11th November, we will arrive at our final stop, Santa Barbara. In each city, Rotarians and the Connecting For Good team will host a community service project. These projects will showcase the great work that Rotary does in that community. We will connect with local Rotarians, community members and organisations to volunteer, network and ultimately make connections for good.

Check out the video by Brad and Danielle announcing the Connecting For Good tour

Connecting For Good=Rotary In Action

One of the main reasons, I was excited about being part of the Rotary Connecting For Good tour was its focus on community. Founding a Rotary club has shown me how important it is to be active in your community. This is especially true when trying to attract new members. Volunteering is by far, the number one thing people put value in when considering joining Rotary.  The Rotary Connecting For Good tour will be a whirlwind of 14 different cities, Rotary clubs, community organisations and a whole lot of volunteering. There is nothing more powerful for the image of Rotary than a group of people proudly wearing the Rotary logo having fun, volunteering, doing good and being visible. The Rotary Connecting For Good tour will ensure that this image is seen everywhere.

We Need Your Help To Spread The Word

Throughout the road trip, we will be sharing stories, photos and videos. So please follow the #rotaryconnectingforgood tour on Facebook Instagram and Twitter.  Share our posts and help us spread the word about Rotary and the Rotary Connecting For Good Tour. You can also search for stories using #rotaryconnectingforgood and #wearerotary.

I hope to provide you with regular updates and insights from the RV on my blog. So make sure to check back regularly. You can also follow me on the Rethink Rotary Twitter too. I’m looking forward to having you all along for the ride!