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Discover The Rotary Connecting For Good TourFeatured


  6 states, 14 cities,  2 weeks, 1000s of volunteers, 5 people in an RV and one thing that ties everyone together: Rotary! The Rotary Connecting For Good tour is about to get on the road. When asked in late January if I wanted to be part of this good will tour, I didn’t ask questions. I just said: YES! Only after agreeing to take part, did I start asking questions about what would actually be involved. Read on to discover more about the Rotary…

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Young Professionals: Redefining What Rotary MeansFeatured


Learn what young professionals want from Rotary and what you can do to make your club more appealing. This summer in Berkeley, California, a group of Rotary young professionals and District leaders from zones 25 and 26 came together to discuss the future of Rotary. I was fortunate enough to attend this summit to find out what we can do to attract younger adults to the organisation. Rotary is renowned the world over for being the organization that works together…

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